Welcome to Cliffside Marina and Yacht Club
Welcome to Cliffside Marinaand Yacht Club 

Weather Preparedness

Often the arrival of a storm leaves little or no time to adequately prepare and conditions can quickly deteriorate to a point that work can no longer be safely undertaken, all vessels should be secured in their slips with adequate lines to handle any storm which may occur during an owner’s absence. Weather preparedness is essential!

This guide is meant as an aid to assist you with a few simple steps which can be taken to minimize or perhaps entirely prevent damage.


Double up your lines, including the spring lines, and make sure all are in good condition.
Remove all loose equipment on deck, this includes bimini tops, shrimp pots, fishing gear, coolers, fuel cans, and dinghies.
Secure all hatches, windows and doors, and if you own a dockbox, make sure it and the lid is secure.
Check all batteries for proper charge and make sure that the bilge pumps are working properly.
Make sure your shore power cord is secure and properly plugged in. Avoid having tension on the shore power cord. Leave enough slack for boat movement.
Make sure all fenders are in good condition, correctly inflated and placed properly and securely.
Check your boat frequently or have your agent (boat watch) check it twice daily.
Check our weather information for updates.

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