Welcome to Cliffside Marina and Yacht Club
Welcome to Cliffside Marinaand Yacht Club 

Your Boat in the Palm of Your Hand

The Siren Marine App gives you real-time information about your boat. View and monitor all your boat's critical systems on a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Track your boat's location and set a geofence to be alerted if it moves. Control lights, A/C and digital switching systems with the touch of a button. With the Siren Marine App, your boat is literally at your fingertips.

Shore Power Monitoring

If you want to have peace of mind to know that your vessel is connected to shore power, then Power Monitor 2.0 may be what you need. 


This simple device connects to one of your boat-side outlets which must be powered by the pedestal. In case of loss of power, the device will notify you by email or text message.


Call Renewable Energy Systems for more information 

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