Welcome to Cliffside Marina and Yacht Club
Welcome to Cliffside Marinaand Yacht Club 

Marina Owners Manual

The Marina Owners Manual contains general information, the rules and regulations for the marina, items related to marina security and leasing guidelines. Every owner should be familiar with this document.



Marina Owners Manual
Download a copy of the Marina Operations Manual.
Marina Owners Manual Rev4.pdf
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Parking Policy
Policy Cliffside Marina Parking.pdf
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Want to file a Float Plan?

Filing a float plan is like having car insurance. Car insurance doesn’t prevent a catastrophe, but it does come to the rescue. Similarly, when you file a float plan, it can increase the odds of rescue should an emergency arise.


Filing a float plan simply means telling someone your expected location and time of return. If you don’t return at the appointed time, at least one concerned person can relay the information in the float plan to the Coast Guard. They will relay PAN-PAN messages via VHF radio channel 16, check boat launches and marinas, and send a boat crew to search for you. 

Adobe Acrobat document [61.9 KB]

Winter Boat Watch and Snow Removal

For vessels remaining in the Cliffside Marina during the winter between October 1st and March 31st, the owners are required to have a licensed and insured agent to provide this boat watch service. This designated agent has to provide boat watch in the event the owner cannot respond to an emergency call within one hour of notification. In the event of an emergency where no pre-established boat watch can be located the Marina Manager will direct maintenance personnel to take any and all necessary actions to remedy the emergency situation. This emergency service will result in a charge for the services provided.



Personal Property Tax for Boats

Owners of a boat or a vessel permanently moored in Whittier, or have a berthing agreement totaling 90 days or more in the previous calendar year, wether or not the boat or vessel is physically present on Januar 1st, is subject to personal property tax.


It is your responsibility that you file a personal property tax return with the city office by February 15th of each year.


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VHF Radio


Marina staff monitors channel 16 and our working channel is channel 69.

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